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Recent Testimonials

Dr. Olsen is fantastic! He honed in on my exact issues and worked efficiently to resolve them. He is a good listener and he and his friendly office staff make each visit a great experience. I would highly recommend his office. - J. A.

I have been very pleased with the immediate relief I've received with my plantar fasciitis. I feel that with each treatment the problem improves. I noticed after cross-country skiing my heel stiffened up but with one application of ice, it was much better which prior to Dr. Olsen's treatments the pain would have lasted for several days.
- R. S.

I came in having been miserable with pain for over 6 weeks. Although it took a couple weeks of treatment, Dr. Olsen was very patient and encouraging. Thanks to the treatment, I am now completely pain free! - R. W.

I had fairly significant pain in my right heel and arch due to plantar fasciitis. The treatment of the injury by Dr. Olsen using a multi-faceted approach, with ultrasound, many exercises, ice and night splints has made such a difference in a short amount of time. I certainly feel like I'm able to follow through to total recovery in a much more knowledgeable way after the direction from Dr. Olsen.
- D. M.

I suffered off and on for two or three years with plantar fasciitis and very stiff, sore calf muscles. Within a week I had much less pain and wasn't so stiff. I'm hoping that with continued exercises and treatment I will soon be pain-free. I wish more chiropractors offered this treatment because I know there are a lot more people out there who suffer long-term from this condition.
- D. R.

I've suffered with plantar fasciitis for years. Normally stretching, using ice on the affected area, and rest would manage the pain. However, that was not working this time; the pain was affecting my everyday activities. I was miserable! I came to Dr. Olsen hoping he could offer some new insight. Almost immediately after treatment, I felt better. I know how to stretch and exercise the foot to alleviate the pain and keep the condition from returning. I'm able to take charge of the condition, rather than allowing it to control me!
- B. B.

Dr. Olsen is skilled and thorough. My problem was diagnosed immediately and the appropriate treatment was started. The relief was almost immediate and promises to be long lasting. I highly recommend Dr. Olsen's professional, skilled and thorough approach.
- D. J.

I have seen a night and day difference in my pain level. I am now able to go about daily living pain-free.
- C. M.

Dr. Olsen has taken a completely different approach to my plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. He is the first doctor to help me improve.
- C. D.

I appreciate the fact that my plantar fasciitis has been helped out significantly by natural non-invasive means and not shots or surgery. I appreciate also that I've been given tools such as orthotics and exercises to improve the condition on my own.
- R. S.

I have had plantar fasciitis in my right foot for over three years. like many people, I ignored going to the doctor and hoped it would go away. It didn't and it got progressively worse. I decided to finally do something about it and found Dr. Olsen. Since becoming a patient with Dr. Olsen three weeks ago, I have had improvements. Instead of limping around all the time, I can now walk normal for the most part. The severity of my condition and the length of time I've ignored it will likely require some extended treatment to benefit my condition. Dr. Olsen has an aggressive approach to target the problem. Dr. Olsen is very personable and shows a very caring and compassionate personality. I would recommend this place to anyone.
- J. V.

Dr. Olsen and his staff are very kind and accommodating. It was easy to get the appointments that i needed and they are always on time! Dr. Olsen took great care to listen to the issues that I have been dealing with and to find a solution. He is a great doctor who does his best to help his patients. Thank you for all of your help!
- A. C.

When I came in my feet were hurting so bad I did not even want to walk. It was so painful to stand I avoided going places and doing things I usually love to do. After 8 treatments I am walking better and can now stand for a short time without too much discomfort.
- M. V.

The treatment I have received from Dr. Olsen has been outstanding! I came in for plantar fasciitis. It has greatly improved, especially with the ultrasound treatment. As a bonus, he treated my back and helped me get rid of a headache. The back treatments have actually helped me breathe better! The office staff has been very kind as well. I highly recommend Dr. Olsen and his clinic!
- J. M.

I was suffering chronic plantar fasciitis when I came to Dr. Olsen. I liked his knowledge of plantar fasciitis and his experience in treating it. I was especially pleased with his straight forward manner in planning treatment with me. I found Dr. Olsen to be understanding and encouraging.
- D. S.

Thank you so much for helping me. Something that has bothered me for a year is now gone!
- D. Z.

I was dealing with extreme foot pain from plantar fasciitis. After three and a half weeks of visits with Dr. Olsen, along with using the night splint and orthotics he recommended, the pain has decreased significantly. Completing daily activities is much easier because I am not dealing with constant foot pain. I especially notice a difference right when I get out of bed in the morning. I used to painfully limp around for the first hour or so, but now I get out of bed and am ready to get the day going.
- A. H.

I came to Dr. Olsen to be treated for plantar fasciitis. The pain in my right heel was excruciating and was not just affecting me physically but emotionally. I dreaded getting out of bed in the morning. Placing my feet on the floor was extremely painful! Dr. Olsen listened to all my symptoms and provided several options for treatment. He treated me and after just two treatments and using a night device that he recommended, my pain was lessened by 80%! No more fear of walking! :) Dr. Olsen is professional, caring and very knowledgeable with his treatments. I appreciated his help and highly recommend him!
- M. H.

Dr. Olsen has helped my foot pain. I was not able to run or walk like I use to. Now I am starting to walk and run. I look forward to more treatments.
- J. B.

I came in for my first appointment with a lot of pain and difficulty walking. After the recommended treatment course I have minimal pain and my endurance is increasing everyday. I found excellent and affordable support devices and felt very confident in Dr. Olsen.
- P. D.

I am very pleased with the treatment provided me here with Dr. Olsen. My foot feels so much better!!
- S. W.

Dr. Olsen was very friendly on every visit, even when the therapy was causing some discomfort. I couldn’t help but smile while we talked. I caught my problem early on so it was easy for him to fix it! If anything similar happens in the future I’ll definitely come straight to him.
- R. M.

I started treatment here for plantar fasciitis pain in my foot. Pain was severe and prevented me from walking and any other activity done on my feet. I tried medications and they were ineffective. Adjustments and treatment has made it so I can walk an extended distance and even golf without pain increasing. In fact, the pain level has been minimal after a few visits and continues to improve after each visit. The adjustments have helped as previously I had to modify my walking habits due to the foot pain. The treatment has helped my back and allowed me to continue with my daily activities. I highly recommend Dr. Olsen for plantar fasciitis treatment and for general chiropractic needs.
- H. P.

Before I came in to see Dr. Olsen, I was miserable. I was in constant pain and nothing worked. I tried just about every pain medication out there with no relief and with bad side effects. I literally thought I had to live with the pain forever. I came across Dr. Olsen and decided “what the heck, I’ll give it a last shot”. Right from the beginning of meeting him and talking to him the attention he gave was amazing! He totally understood me and started treating me. The very first 2 visits were so great! I felt immediate relief and I knew I was on my way to freedom from pain. It has now been 3 weeks and I feel so amazing, refreshed and hopeful. Dr. Olsen is the best doctor I’ve come across.
- A. G.

I am glad I found Dr. Olsen. My plantar fasciitis has been improving since I’ve started here! Thank you!
- T.C.

I feel that Dr. Olsen really cares about getting his patients to have less pain and to be able to carry out their lives as they should. My plantar fasciitis has decreased a lot over the course of my treatments and I am able to walk and stand with less pain. I am impressed with the improvements.
- P. J.

I’m very pleased with Dr. Olsen’s technique for plantar fasciitis care. My pain was a 9-10 and is now 2 on average. Thanks for all you’ve done!
- M. M.

I have been seeing Dr. Olsen for 3 weeks. I like that I have choices for my planter fasciitis other than surgery, crutches or a boot. Dr. Olsen has treated me with good therapies and has given me a unique splint to use at night. These are helping me to improve and have relief from pain. I know this for me did not happen overnight so I know it will take time to heal.
- R. S.

I’ve battled heel pain for a year. I’ve tried everything to help the pain. I heard about Dr. Olsen from my daughter and he has helped with many great treatments. After 3 weeks, I have hardly any pain.
- C. H.

I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for almost 8 months. I didn’t think there was any way to heal it-except to stay off my feet which is impossible for a full time teacher and mother of 4. But is saw results after my first visit and less than a month later my pain has lessened in severity and the actual spot where the pain was has decreased in size. I am looking forward to a total recovery! Thanks Dr. Olsen!
- J. B.

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